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purp pic night Welcome friends to your own finger tip shopping experience from The Purple Leaf; a fashion jewelry, handbag, accessories, candles, antiques, and gifts unique boutique. We want to offer you a casual visit to our actual store or to our customer designed web store. Which ever you decide, we want you to feel relaxed and take your time as you browse through our selections of fashion jewelry, handbags, accessories, antiques, and gifts. You will find many styles to choose from in our jewelry collections. We search for the latest and most fashionable fashion jewelry that we can offer at the most affordable prices to our customers. Our jewelry is purchased only from the most respectable manufacturers that we can find.
This practice also follows the decision making process in the purchasing of our handbags. We do not want to carry the same boring styles and colors that you can find everywhere. We want to give you the opportunity to purchase well-built and up to date handbags and accessories that will satisfy that desire in you to be the trend setter in your group. Our accessories include belts, wallets, scarves, and hats.
Not only do we provide accessories for your personal use, but we also provide décor accessories for your home. Our most widely popular home accessory would have to be our hand made candles. These candles are individually made right here in The Purple Leaf Store. We take pride in our candle making abilities and it shows as it comes shining through in each candle. They are available in a variety of house warming fragrances. Each candle is made of 100% soy and burns only a lead free cotton wick.(GO GREEN)
As the world is all about going green, how green can it be than to recycle a hundred and twenty year old piece of furniture. Antiques are all the rage today whether they are kept in their natural antique appearance or painted to match the favorite color of your little girls favorite bedtime buddy. Our antiques are not only limited to furniture, but we also search out those unusual antiques that look great in your home on a shelf, on the wall, or safe and sound in the curio.
If it is a gift that you need, please just browse through our categories of items because you never know what you might find, but it might just be that perfect gift for that perfect special person in your life.
Our hand picked merchandise is available for all ages, from the youngest children to the oldest children you may know.
No matter the age, no matter the style we at The Purple Leaf wish to offer you the most relaxed and comfortable shopping experience in person or on the net.
Thank you so very much for taking the time to visit The Purple Leaf family and allowing us to treat you to the old fashioned way of customer first shopping.

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